Wednesday, October 31, 2001 strikes me that these aren't very good recs. If I were reading these on a website, I'd be annoyed because (a) I haven't specified the fandoms, (b) I don't link directly to the stories (but to the author's main page) and (c) I haven't really said anything about the stories. let me talk about these in a bit more detail.
Tattered Streamers is a RPG fanfiction contest being run by Kuwabara no Miko. Most of the entries are really good; bound to be with Keelywolfe and Black Rose entering. Not to mention Tenshi no Korin and Talya Firedancer. Now, all Kuwanomiko needs is Ladonna and she'll want to kill herself rather than decide between the stories...

Yah, so I digress. "Breakfast in Bed" is Laguna/Squall (from Final Fantasy VIII). Yes, it's incest (run for your lives!). If you're squicked by that, well, I can see why, but I think it's a rather nice pairing myself. I think Black Rose does a good job keeping them in character (though, since I haven't played the game, only read an inordinate amount of FF8 fanfiction, I'm not really the best judge of that). The prose is sensitive and the dialogue is good. I like it.

I've recently realised that I have something of an incest kink. For the record, although I think the potential for inequality and abuse is much higher in incestuous relationships, I don't think it's inherently wrong. A lot of societies in the past (and even now, in some parts of the world) condoned or even encouraged incestuous relationships.

If you like "that kind of thing", you'll probably like Black Rose(Laguna/Squall from FF8), Tenshi no Korin and llamajoy(Carrot/Marron from Bakaretsu Hunters) and Te's Lost Boys Archive.

As for the other two recs: Speranza writes exclusively in the Due South fandom, and only for the Ray Kowalski and Fraser pairing. I think she's a great example of the fact that really good fanfiction doesn't require you to know anything about the fandom to enjoy it. That she loves the characters comes through very clearly in her writing; she really thinks that these two men are good people and she wants you to love them as much as she does. And hey, I was happy to be converted :)

I read her story "With Six you get Eggroll" yesterday, and damn, you've got to love an author who can make you enjoy reading about a gay couple with six kids...

For those not familiar with the term BadFic, it's fiction that deliberately parodies the cliches and common mistakes that inevitably pop up in the fanfiction of any fandom. Siubhan's "Savage Luv" (sic) is a parody of all the bad Darth Maul/Obi Wan fic out there. If you're sick and tired of seeing Obi Wan characterized as a blushing, whimpering virgin who wants to be raped, this is for you.
Okay, I hope that redeemed me to some extent. I'll end with one last rec: Cesare's Almost Never series is a set of vignettes set in and after the timeline of Queer as Folk. I haven't seen the show, but she's made me love the characters. I particularly recommend Hazel's Mailbox (but only if you know how the series ends).

Erm...I was going to end there, I really was, but I remembered that Cesare happens to be an adjunct member of The Rhipodon Society, one of the Three Forces of Good QAF fanfic on the web. Read their stories! Immediately, if not sooner!

So, are you wondering what the third source of good QAF fic is? It's Mallory Klohn. Sadly, however, her fanfuckingtastic "I Like it Like That" and "World's Biggest World" are currently not hosted anywhere on the web (that I know of). Come back, Ms. Klohn!

Tuesday, October 30, 2001

Wow, this really works! There's something very satisfying about having something you wrote (however banal) up where everyone can see it.
More recs! Lately, I love Speranza. And I haven't even seen "Due South"...
BadFic is good. Especially when Siubhan's writing it. Check out "Savage Luv."
So I lied. This isn't really going to be about my life. Just a whole bunch of slash recs. Because I think raving about people's stories on various mailing lists might be considered abusive. And I need to talk about these stories.
Starting with Black Rose's story at the Tattered Streamers Contest Archive. It's called"Breakfast in Bed", and, wow, it's fucked up. But oddly sweet.